Frank Rosen


Frank Rosen (born 16 march 1946 at Amersfoort (The Netherlands)


Frank Rosen's art work can be described as a romantic interpretation of the world as he sees it as well as an abstract one. The search for beauty lies at the core of his art.

Rosen seeks out life, collects impressions and transforms these initial thoughts into art forms in his own unique interpretation and style. He strives to express in his art a harmonious fusion of seemingly juxtaposing ideas such as sport and culture or city and countryside.

By creating art, Rosen attempts to understand life itself.

The art of Frank Rosen is rich in colour, honest, and full of joyful optimism.

His special gift for portraiture has earned him a number of commendations.

His portraits of Annie M.G. Schmidt (a Dutch writer best known for her children's oeuvre) and Henk van Ulsen (a Dutch actor) are well known and recognised as examples of his unique talent.


Frank Rosen graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he studied from 1964 to 1968. From 1969 to 1985 he was employed by a Dutch television station (NOB) as an art director and designer of more than 300 TV programs.

His great versatility meant that he was able to create innovative sets for widely varying programmes such as children's serials, major TV shows, and dramatic productions.

In addition, he has created sets and costumes for musicals and dance performances. He was the art-director on a number of movies.

In 1985 he made the decision to leave full time employment and since then he has worked occasionally on a free lance basis for television, film, and theatre productions.

Until 2004, he designed sets and costumes for 11 musicals produced by the NKT (Dutch Children's Theatre). In 2008, he designed the sets and costumes for the opera The Magic Flute which was performed in the village of Mosset in France.


The term diversity describes Frank's passion for creating art as well as his

versatility in the use of different techniques. He continues to work in different media such as painting, silkscreen printing, sculpture and ceramics.

Frank accepts commissions in addition to his own studio art.

Diversity lies at the heart of Frank Rosen's career. Time and time again, he  demonstrates his unique vision of the world through a wide range of techniques and media and he is able to switch from one art form to another with great facility and technical mastery.

He uses different media such as sculpture, painting, water colour, drawings, screen prints and ceramics to express his deep felt inner life and emotions.